Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Getting your CV correct is absolutely vital as it is your first introduction to a potential employer. It is your key tool to getting an interview and should be an accurate reflection of your abilities and achievements as well as what you can do for an employer.

There are several ways of setting out a CV, but the one we favour incorporates a chronological approach which starts with your current employment and works backwards.

The key features to include are

  • Name and contact details (otherwise an employer may not be able to get in touch!)
  • Brief profile about you and what you are looking for
  • Education and qualifications
  • Computer Experience
  • Work experience. Starting with current employment and working backwards. Setting this our using ‘bullet points’ makes it easy to read and simple for employers to pick out key skills.
  • Sport and hobbies

Things not to include are

  • Date of Birth
  • References – these can be supplied when an offer is made
  • Anything that could be construed as negative eg ‘left due to personality clash!
  • Make sure that any personal statements you include fit the job for which you apply eg don’t say you are looking for a job in sales if you are applying for a finance role
  • Strange sports and hobbies that might put people off you!

Your CV layout should be

  • Neat and easy to read.
  • Use capitals, bold and different font sizes to differentiate headings but be consistent throughout.
  • Concise. Up to 3 A4 pages is acceptable but not essential.
  • Above all – ACCURATE! There is no excuse for sloppy spelling/grammar. Get a few people to read the CV and check it for you and use the spell-check on the computer

Current Jobs

Accounts Manager

Permanent / Full-time

Location: Hook

Salary: £35,000 - £40,000

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